I'm not the person I want to be... I'm quiet shy and never my self around new people and I want that to change... But I don't know how?
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18-21, F
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Remember those that are nosey and loud tend to be insecure. They hide behind the noise and the pretence that they have it all together.
So you are you. Then love you as you. Then build up your self worth and self love - just for you.
Your life path is you, then go inwards into your inner temple. To connect with the silence and in the silence you will find you. It is how we are being from the inside out.
Get into hobbies that bring you joy.
Read Autobiographies of people that you admire. They talk about getting through the tough life challenges.
Life is an unfolding path, then each day begin it with a flavour of the day. "Today I will smile at a stranger"
The next - today I will buy a cup of coffee for a stranger
So on and so on.......
Quote for you:
How soon you realise that the only thing you don’t have is the direct experience that there’s nothing you need, that you don’t have? Ken Keyes