I know I'm still young and people always say that as an answer when I'm confused or unsure of something and i hate it. yes, i'm still young but i'm around people who know who they are and where they are going. i used to think i knew who i was but now i don't. i always knew where i wanted to go and who i wanted to be but now all of a sudden i'm not so sure. i thought i had more time to figure it out but i don't. i'm being forced to make decisions now that will effect my whole life---courses, univeristy, etc... and this might sound crazy but i feel like i'm nobody. and i'm scared that if i don't discover who i am soon, i will stay nobody forever.
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i have found---ppl usually 'come out of the gate running'---those 'somebodys' u mentioned, early in life,(not me)--OR they are late-bloomers(me). they will just be hitting their stride and full lime-light when their peers are winding down, bored, etc. my sons seem like they'll be late-bloomers also. we are all a somebody, just all have our own unique pace. no one pace is any better than another.

Ah, those ones you think "know who they are and where they are going", curves will come their way, too.<br />
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Do what you love, what is in your heart, what is authentic to you. Your regrets will be few.