Relations Between Opposit Sex Are Never Permanent

We see a various form of relations between boy & gril and man & woman like spouse, live-in relationship, bf-gf friendship. people try hard to maintain these relationships. I even can say that the most of efforts by human kind and most of damage by humans is to find and maintain these relationships. These relations are the most important subject in human mind and these are also the top most reason of imagination & tention for we the mankind.
But why we still not able to make these relations perfect or even better by our thousands years of thought processing and efforts? Even I think these are worsening since last few generations.
Trying to improve the opposite sex relation is something like trying to catch the shadow. I think these relations are not natural.
Man & women are of different mindset, different emotions and different needs. The most important difference I see is the difference in the purpose of life and view for life. A man live life to enjoy today, while a women live life to stay alive tomorrow. For a man his purpose is most important but for a women her life is most important. A man leaves in reality while a women lives in dreams.
Are these differences not enough to make the relations between opposit sex a unsatisfactory and unstable.
Let me know your view. :)
LoveOcean12 LoveOcean12
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012