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With my job I'm on the phone and computer a lot. I talk to people all over the US all the time. These are people that are both w/ my company and outside which means they all need a different person to help them. It's funny how I can speak to someone in TN and they are down to earth and relaxed (these are only examples) so I'm down to earth and relaxed. Then comes the next dude in, say NY. He's professional, cut throat and that's what he wants so that's what he gets. (By the way, this is a BIG company and not 1-900-Babe or something). So then comes the guy who wants the flirty type. OK, I can do that too. The problem is I don't know which one of these people I actually am anymore. Not that this job did it but being bipolar you tend to adapt to cover up what's really going on. I mean sometimes I go to work and I just want to shut my office door and scream "somebody help me".... but instead I have to go deal with all these ppl who have the wifes, and kids and puppy and everything is supposed to be perfect. Well guess what, I don't make enough to live like they do and I'm not coming home to someone to talk to and vent my frustrations. But tomorrow comes and I come in and just smile and talk the talk to them and all of these ppl I deal with and I'm perfect! Perfectly lost...
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Oh it's all good... I'm living for me now and just having some fun! :)

yep - nothing but the dogs in us.......

U are dealing with males having the "sex" matter in their mind, and they are trying to flirt with u only.<br />
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I am sure they tend to do also with other females with u or outside.<br />
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Personally, i think man : married, divorced, seperated, single, or whatever will continue to look for females on and on.<br />
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It is their biological nature!hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

In all actuality...the job sounds like a release..I'm almost envious. I would love to be the analyzer on the other end..figuring the exact precise needs and wants of others and transforming my every being into there fantasy...Damn girl.....you are the escape from reality. With bipolar...should be wonderful...its an escape..is it not? True to go home and find the void must be detrimental however...harness that imaginative talent and own the worlds lack of imagination. Don't forget.."imagination is the weapon in the war against reality"

Those people aren't any happier then you, happiness is wanting things and getting them, but once you got what you wanted it no longer makes you happy and then your happiness threshold moves into more expensive(or unattainable) territory. It's good to want things, because it keeps your happiness threshold in cheap territory.<br />
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I’m a retention-specialist (telemarketer who tries to keep people with company) for the New Zealand Telecom, I know the multiple personalities and the strategies to deal with them, I only wish I could do my job without thinking, then it would be perfect.