No Passion = No Career Or Job

It seems as though every time I try and do something I seem to just fail at it. I always end up not good enough at/for something.

Recently I got an internship with a professional photographer. It was completely handed to me, I didnt have to work for it what so ever and what its taught me is that I actually suck at photography. Yeah I get like maybe 3-5 good to great shots out of 100 but thats not good enough to be a professional. I know nothing about photo shop, I barely know how to use my own camera. For my photography is a hobby, I dont want it to be my job, never tried to make it my job but I thought I might be good enough at it for it to be my job if i couldnt find another job I liked but it looks as though that wont be happening either.


The basic point that im trying to get to is where do I fit in? What am I really good at that I could do everyday for the rest of my life? What is something I love so much I would never get tired of it? I really cant think of a single thing, everything is either a hobby or just for some random fun, I dont have any real passion in life.

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If you want to find out who you really are, go listen to this and I mean really listen to this, This will really help you.

Hmm... u know sometimes it's best not to think too much about it because passion is not something we can find by thinking. : Same here.. But I'm sure we'll find it soon enough. Or perhaps to give some clarity on what you like, maybe you can list down what your hobbies are, and from there work out the basics of why these activities interest you. Like say, what is it about photography that you like? what gives you the rush of excitement? eg venturing out, meeting people etc? Also I'd like to share with you my two "suns". I don't know if you read manga. But this one called "Silver Spoon" is about a man who doesn't know what he wants, although you might get the idea it's gonna be about horses, it really isn't actually. There are interesting things to pick up from there. My other source of inspiration is from this blogger and I do recommend this very much.<br />
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I hope this is helpful

ehh, ive tried picking out every detail as to why i like something, usually the answer is "its something to do"

I dont really read mangas but i do watch a few animes and i will check out that persons blog.

cool hair is good! better than no or frazzled hair. You make your life what you make of it.

No you dont. people believe you do but you really dont. you cant control what happens to you there for you cant make it what you want it to be.

Finding passion is very hard, but count your blessing (and curse) if you have the ability to explore. Know yourself by finding out what interests you, what are you passionate about. When you die what do you want to be known for?<br />
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There is a world to explore and 7 billion people to express and work with.. How will you make your mark...

i know what my passions are and i will not be known for them because they are just hobbies and thats all they are going to be and maybe 3 out of those 7 billion people give a flying ****. when i die i will be remember as the short girl with cool hair.