Why The Rumors?

This is my first time on this site. I don't really know what to do, I just need someone to talk to.

I'm a quiet person. I don't draw attention and keep almost everything to myself; due to issues trusting "friends" in the past, and have a difficult time talking about myself to people. Quite frankly, I'll be surprised if I post this, given I'll probably chicken out and close the browser first.

So, I really don't know where, or why, people have been spreading rumors about me. Throughout middle and high school, I was so non-existant on the social radar that I never had rumors circulate about me (at least, no bad ones). When I started college a few years ago, I started being more social, but it wasn't until last year (that I know of, I don't know when this one started) that I was aware of rumors circulating about me. A friend of mine called me up and told me that she had heard about how I had been raped by an ex-boyfriend. I loathe my ex, but I would never let something like that go around to ruin someone's reputation. I squashed that rumor like a bug. But I don't know why people started saying it.

After transferring to a new college, I made a bunch of friends who are pretty much the complete opposite of the friends I had had at the first college. We don't start drama, and by and large keep to ourselves. Earlier tonight, I heard from one of them a rumor that I had been making out with another friend at a party a few weeks ago. I'm happily taken, and have been for the past nearly three years. I would never, ever cheat on my boyfriend (who was at the party, as well).

The rape rumor was easy enough to squash. This one, though? This one is different. I know most of my friends at that party would start a rumor about me. I don't know why no one brought it up before. At that party, the most interaction I had with the guy I supposedly make out with was taking care of him after he drank far too much alcohol. I think I might know who started the rumor, and having a faint inkling as to why, but it would be pointless for her to have done so (if she did).

I don't know what to do. I really, really don't know what to do. The person I think started the rumor and I had always gotten along well in the past. I'm exceedingly bothered why no one brought this to my attention sooner, and even moreso that the person who told me about it (a recent friend) simply said it as it was common knowledge to all but me. I'm not sure who to trust, and given how past "friends" have been, I'm scared that the ones I have now are like the ones I've had in the past. Having recently come out to some of them about deeply personal issues, I'm not sure if what I may have confided may turn into something worse than what's now going around.

I guess I'm just...exceedingly hurt, exceeding confused, and exceedingly distrustful of everyone right now.
17turtles 17turtles
Dec 2, 2012