Not All Friends In Need, Are Friends Indeed


A year back i was doing an internship at a bank, where i met this guy. He was an internee too. We use to have lunch together, spend most of our time together, and gradually became good friends even after the intership duration was over. I must have asked him several times about his romantic relationship, but he would always say he has none.

I began sharing my experiences with him, told him abt my breakup, we discussed family issues, my university friends & projects, almost everything. i always thought him as a special friend who would be there in time of need. He did cared about me apparently. At times he wud make me feel extra special by his flirty talks.

A week back he started calling me regularly, usually late nite, the talks were never ending. It wud go on till 4 in the morning. In his last call he got a little flirty so i had to be a little harsh on him for that because i wasnt liking it. The very next day he texted me saying he doesnt wants to be friends with me because he is committed to a girl and he wants to be loyal to her.

It was my birthday and i kept dialing his number but he never received my call.  I was shocked. i just couldn't pick up the clues, i dint see it coming, what a fool i was.  I was nothing but a second option to this guy, wid whom i believed to share my most wonderful moments of life. Thanks to my lovely friends, i m over it and feeling lot better. One should always be careful when making friends. Don't trust anyone but yourself only. When you have gut feeling that sumthing is not right, or a funny feeling, or an instinct dont just ignore it.

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ok now listen to the other half of this story ... this guy calls me up and tells me he is sorry.. he was pissed at me and to teach me a lesson he lied that he is engaged/commited ... this was indeed his way of dealing with the issue... <br />
now he wants to be friends again... i wish it was this simple.. unfortunately for him, i dunt sell myself so cheap !

There have been many a times hwere I have trusted people who did nothing but break my trust n hurt me... N this has happened over and over again. I totally sympathise with you.