What Are We...?

What are we but specks of dust?

We are flesh and bone and wandering spirit. We are a cacophany of paradoxes. We seem to be lost.

What we are definately not is a race able to learn from its mistakes, nor love freely and unconditionally, nor lose what seems to be an inherent selfishness in each of us. When will we start thinking of 'the Greater Good' and not our own petty lives? When will we be a race again?

blacktowhite blacktowhite
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3 Responses Feb 17, 2007

Good grief!! The computer bleeped out my word L*ST!! (the * is an 'u')

ROFL at mindfighter! I think the author means as a WHOLE we SUCK as far as the term HUMANITY goes. I'd say that's because none of us has achieved AGAPE. ( A-gop-a). Look it up. If you believe in it's meaning then you'll understand there is no room with this attitude for greed, lust, selfishness, hatred, violence, malice, deceit, ect. Only selflessness for self and those around you.

Hey, I am one of those "greater good" people. :)