The Pleasure Of Not Working

I will always work. I've had stretches of unemployment in my life, when I was generally worried and miserable, but I've always managed to find work again.  And I always will.  I can't imagine myself not working.

I was let go of my last job about six weeks ago.  My counsellor and doctor both encouraged me to take a little "time off," and apply for medical employment insurance.  I'd struggled with suicidal feelings in the last couple months before losing my job, and the didn't want me feeling stressed trying to find work. 

It didn't feel right at first, not doing anything.  The last couple years I've been the exact opposite:  Doing too much in terms of work, and letting everything else slide, which got me all screwed up.

The last few weeks have been wonderful, except financially.  I haven't worried about anything except what I've wanted to do.  I've done lots of writing / journalling, watching t.v. at all hours, viewing ****, reading fun stuff, and accessing films and documentaries on youtube.  I've managed to get by on the little cash I had while waiting on e.i. to come through.

This is what taking time off is like?  I mean, I always knew.  Whenever the weekend rolled around when I worked I'd just collapse, then dash about getting laundry, grocery shopping, and what not done.  I've only had one vacation in the last few years, and even that was a rushed affair, of getting packed, catching the Greyhound, and going out to 'enjoy myself' when I got to my cold and snowy destination, before turning around and coming back to work.

I saw my doctor today, who wondered why I hadn't been applying for work all this time.  I thought when I was applying for medical e.i. I wasn't supposed to be working?  That was my answer.  Here, again, I guess there's no reason, really, to not be looking for work, even if I claim I can't.  Why didn't I think of that one, too?  It doesn't matter.  I can start looking for work now, more refreshed and stress-free than before.  Hopefully I'll be able to find the job that's right for me.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Thanks for your encouragement. I put in my first applications today. With any luck I'll have a new job before my E.I. runs out in October.

Maybe I've read your story but had no time to write a comment.
I hope you soon will get a good job, not just any job.

I thought, I commented on your story