Why Oh Why?

I come here, I read stories, I comnent, I write my own. what is my reason for doing all this again? I agree, I disagree, I give opinions most here have heard before, I write about feelings most people have felt before. you say oh yes or oh no, I say the same, and back and forth we go. a bunch of monkeys gathered in a circle grooming and comforting each other, squabbling and reunifying. ever trying to strengthen old bonds and form new ones, reposition ourselves like we are trying to work through a crowd to get to the front row of our favorite show. we expend so much energy socializing because we care so much for one another, or because we a genetically wired to do what is necessary not be alone. strength in numbers, an evolutionary necessity if you don't have huge teeth and claws to survive on our own. we all know if you don't put the work in you start loosing status in your personal circles of influence. we tell one another we are indispensable, but we all are. it is not as if  our presence keeps famine, war, incurable diseases, and  poverty at bay. so we do everything we can to ingratiate our selves to those we deem most advantageous to our personal status and security. just as we select a mate based on what at the time we see as the best mate for or genetic posterity, regardless of our awareness of how our bodies and minds actually arrive at that conclusion. though all that being said, really, what else are we going to do with all our down time?
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Argh, I hate it when you're so right. I know I end up here because of deep desperation and frustration; because I need to vent, to let out some stuff that no one in real life could or would hear - and if I don't let it out it'll crush me.<br />
And then comes the game - have you heard me, have you heard me, have you heard me? Desperate to be heard, desperate for someone to tell me they've heard me and they care.<br />
And I do care for the people in my circle, admittedly more about some than others. But there is always the screen between them and me even though I'd want to gather them all in my arms, maybe just to keep the cold and the loneliness away.<br />
<br />
What was the question again?<br />
<br />
Ah well.

i do my very best to always hear you.

oh yes.

it's just wanting to be heard regardless of who you are and who listens.. this is the very foundation of why EP was created..

This meaningless stuff we do tells our neurology to release endorphins.<br />
Primates will be primates.<br />
When we're unhappy you and I think about this stuff too much.<br />
...*Throws poo*