I Try To Try

Jobs, men...I try to catch a good one, but no response...I don't know why I even or will make the effort at all

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4 Responses Nov 13, 2009

...because somewhere along the line, you got a little taste of a good job and a good lover. now you want more. <br />
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If you want to quit trying, I can't stop you , but I promise you won't be any happier. <br />
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Your life might suck right now. OK, that happens. You get to accept that it's ******, which isn't the same as quitting, and then hang on until something gets better.

if i wasn't way over here..i'd lov too.x

Take ur lovely self out and be heard and seen.. let ppl want u..they are waiting for u.hug dear my intriguing friend..blessing of joy i send ..

I know why you make the effort...if you don't even try, it means that you have given up on yourself (the one person you should NEVER give up on).<br />
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"Never give up, never ever give up."<br />
-Jim Valvano