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I Literally Don't Know Why

I'm sitting here crying. I've been like this for a week for so now. Everything makes me cry. I can't help it. I just feel like I'm falling apart, or being ripped apart. I'm doing great in school, my relationship with my long-term boyfriend is great, just got a new car, decent job, everything is okay with the family. I just can't stop crying.
wickedlyinlove wickedlyinlove 16-17 6 Responses Sep 8, 2010

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they say that sadness has reasons but despair doesn't.<br />
I too cried once for no reason...<br />
later i heard about that some people cry subconsciously and the tears just flow...<br />
I can't know for sure<br />
it's a mystery of life

Sometimes tears have no reason, they just are. Let them come, don't fight them. They will wash themselves clean and you'll feel better if you get it all out.

I am 16 years old, I dated the same guy from the time I was barely 13 until now. We broke up. He was nothing but good to me, now I can never sleep... Ever! Look at me right now, up at 230am. I can't sleep, I lay in the dark with my eyes wide open. I ran out of my anti depressants, so I am a freaking mess. I seriously think I am crazy. I cry RANDOM all the time! HELP!

where the **** do you add your password? I can't see it. I too cry for no reason. I have been dianosed with bi polar and i have a hard time believing them. I am trying to make contact with people who feel like me. I have unconrollable crying spells for no reason. They may last for four or five hours. I don't feel depressed. But I just can't stop myself. I feel that there is a "bubble" in my brain that just explodes. After it explodes, i feel normal. During the explosions, all I can do is to crawl into bed and moan. This goes on for hours. Then, all of the sudden, it's all over. Just like that. It's just ilke it never happened. I guess I am just crazy. email me at dn if you have had a similarIt' experience.

i meant if they want to get ahold of me. I can't figure out how to get the passsord for this site

Although I have been diagnosed with bi polar disorder for five years, I have the same problem. It's not that I am depressed, it's as if there is a "bubble" that comes from my brain all the sudden and bursts. It literally brings me to my knees for hours at a time. It's inexplicible. I've tried to tell my psychiatrist, but he thinks I am depressed. I don't feel depressed. If you are still on this message board and look at my post, email me at