Can't Stop Crying Either

Sometimes I just burst out crying, I don't know why, but it's the same kind of situation that leads to it. Sometimes someone I haven't talked with for awhile messages me or something, and I burst out crying. I realize "I'm not alone" and that "people exist" although I think they're dead. I've been depressed for awhile so this could explain it, but even before I was depressed I'd sort of start crying when being away from people close to me for doesn't stop, I just cry on and on and tears burst down. Sometimes it can be a piece of sad music that makes me like that, I was playing this flash game a few minutes ago and the theme song was sad. I started crying and couldn't stop because of it, then I started thinking about people I miss, since I've been alone most of the time for so long... and I just ******* miss being around people.

at the same time, it feels like I can never be around people the same way as before again, I've changed, and this saddens me even more.
Abeesee Abeesee
22-25, M
May 25, 2011