I Don't Sleep.

Lately I haven't been sleeping.. I am so emotionally overloaded that my mind is constantly going. Recently I decided to use this extra time to start writing again. So here's the latest..Let me know what you think..

This is my broken heart.
To surround myself with negative people,
For the sake of being surrounded.
To deny myself access to the positive people,
So I don’t feel so negative.

This is my broken heart.
To barely exist,
To live a miserable existence,
All the while questioning why I should exist.

This is my broken heart.
To be uninspired and only see the dullness,
To ignore the beauty because I feel ugly.
To choose grey over blue,
Dark over light.

This is my broken heart.
To be unable to sleep,
But also be unable to be awake.
To lose focus in life,
To expect myself to fail.
To disregard my talents,
To deny I have them at all.
While still being outrageously arrogant.
To be unable to do what is right,
When I know what is wrong.
To have no purpose,
Because I can’t see the ******* point.

This is my broken heart.
To feel unloved,
When so many love me.
To not be found,
To not find you.
To love and not be loved in return,
To be unsure about love at all.

This is my broken heart.
To be relentlessly craving,
To be relentless at all.
To always feel the need to be strong,
Even when I am weak.
To be unable to smile,
When it is all my soul needs.
To forget how to laugh.
To be unable to be my best friend
When I desperately need one.

This is my broken heart.
amouramour14 amouramour14
18-21, F
Nov 20, 2012