You Can't Fix a Broken Person..

...if they don't want to be fixed.

If they find comfort in misery and pity, let them wallow it. If they find comfort in anger and frustration over situations they can't control, let them.

They soon realise it's not going to make things better. They soon realise that they're not doing themselves any good.

But they need to find this out by themselves. It's not your place to tell them. It's no one's place to tell them. All you can do is hold their hand as they travel down this path and pull them back once in a while when they go too far. But it is not your responsibility to change them.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

the road im travelling..... its probably not the healthiest.... but sometimes people need to go through those motions to reach their own conclusions about their life.... you cant make those decisions for them.<br />
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