Don't Know Why It Is

So there I am and there you are

Distant feeling, not close but apart

After 23 years we don't agree

And you want to go on a shopping spree

Can't find the time

To be more than real

My brothers in combat mean more to me

Than your "petty" emotional dramas

OK, the kids in High School need direction and attention

But hold it dear - they haven't self-destucted

They're good kids and will come around

Only be patient and love them

For lectures don't come through

Love is the lasting epiphany

And patience the grace to teach them how to carry on

In good times and in bad

For richer or poorer

In sickness and in health

Till death do us part

We are a team, you and I

And I respect you very much

Only let things be as they are

And we will sail the stormy seas

With the sunlight in your hair

And sunscreen on my head

Tomorrow is yet a dream

But reach for it we can

With you, dear, by my side

I can continue to be whole

And nothing in this world

Can distract me from the goal

Of peace on earth, good will to men

And hope to all mankind

Whether mean or generous in spirit

God bless you one and all

For without the grace of God

We surely each would fall

To ne'er be heard again.......

compelled3 compelled3
46-50, M
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