Don'T Judge The Whole, Pity The Offenders...

Where in "real life" is it okay to harass a woman who is CLEARLY not interested in stimulating your feeble mind?

I have many sensual gentleman on my EP friends list with whom I discuss sexuality. They have decorum and do not use me as a blow-up doll. In fact, I never cyber with any of them.

I am a gift. Many penile people who add without greeting me and making their intent clear, fall dangerously short of deserving my company.

Be worthy gents and I shall consider you. Writing "Plz add" or hi on my whiteboard doesn't tell me that you won't disrespect me in 30 seconds.
Ladies who like ladies seem to have better manners.
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I guess they got tired of looking at other penises on chat roulette and came here. Same kinda mentality.

I have never used that site, nor do I feel an inclination to now :)

Although I enjoyed your story, please don't be so quick to discount someone as some "peniles" may be a bit shy to approach you with a long winded introduction.

I didn't say it had to be long winded, merely a bit more descriptive then Hi or plz add.

No one has ever described me as a penile person.... That is a first.


*humps this story while slobbering all over the comments*

*giggling* WOOF!

*hands Copper a roll of paper towels* Now. Go clean up your mess.

I see all this stuff from other women, but they don't bug me all that much. Sure, I get a daily message from some intellectually challenged male wanting an add or some sort of sex chat, but I don't respond and they leave me alone. Seems like other women get the ones that will not stop bugging them....I'm jealous, lol.

Don't be.
I say that I enjoy sex and write erotica and BAM!, somehow they think I'm sexually available. Women into women never bug me.

twwd, I have two sexy stories, lots of adult groups, and on my old profile (before I deleted) there was some pretty kinky stuff in there. Still the same thing.

That is sweet Toady!

Thanks, McToady... I'm actually not that cool. :)

Oh, nudistguy, you are too intelligent to do such things ;-)

hey bb. I want 2 f u badly. sho me ur titz

pull mys har reely hrd and ***

Oh we have so taken over your story TWWD, I hope you are at least getting some giggles.

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