Its a Pakistani custom. Or, as i remember from one of the stories here, Chinese too.

So it must be an Asian thing.

Basically when people reach marrigeable age(around mid twenties), a guy's family visits a girl's family. They see a girl and if both sides agree, they marry. Hey wait, i remember seeing that movie "Pride and Prejudice". That's almost exactly what i'm talking about. weird, so its not just an Asian thing.

I find it very weird. Mega weird. First of all, its mostly done by moms so it feels like shopping. Like pick and choose, you know. but its very common and normal here.

Few days ago, mom got a call from one of her colleagues and well, she arranged a rishta and tomorrow evening they're coming to see my eldest sis who's 26.

She was arguing with mom about the sofas being too old and not being able to create an impression. And in my room, I was laughing. I mean, wow. She's an MPhil, interning at a girls high and her hobby is designing molecular models of proteins and drugs on her computer. She's super clean. washes even her shoes with antibacterial soaps and washes any clothes and bedspread of hers if anybody but herself touches it. Loves to fight. she's ALWAYS right. Her thoughts about men a few days ago are as follows:

"Men hate women. When they see a women, they think: I want kids from her. Then they make her pop out child after child and when she's old and fat and a mom, they think she's such an old lady. I want a newer one."

At that point, mom had started saying astaghfar(Thats begging God for forgiveness) and told her to shut up.

i mean is she the sis i know?
well, after that, we've been working on the "impression".

we'll make my brother move out of the drawing room. i put up all the paintings and stuff. fixed one whose frame was broken and made a nice little string to hang it, put up all the curtains and moved the cartons that were lying in the lounge.

Mom has told that she won't jump for it because she knows that if the other party(weird again) is hurrying up too much, its not a good sign.

Well, lets see. :P
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Lol! Of course

Your sister ....relieved ?

Yeah Darkangel. That's what i find very appalling too.<br />
<br />
Hey lorraine :)<br />
<br />
Saga ended. They were kind of snobbish and mom told her friend next day that she didn't like them a bit. :)

Yeah, very 19th century England as well.<br />
<br />
Keep us up to date with the saga

LOL at your last comment - " I suspect whenever they want to get a decent snack, they pay a rishta visit like that somewhere." Hahaha! :P<br />
<br />
This happens here too, but now it's not that frequent anymore. -.-' It's so weird. I really wouldn't want this stranger to come into my house and 'check me out' and decide if he wants to marry me or not. -_-

Yeah, only mom wasn't the picker here. She was just trying things out. :)<br />
I didn't like those people a bit. In fact I suspect whenever they want to get a decent snack, they pay a rishta visit like that somewhere

Yeah. I know. I don't like it either. I kept saying "weird" all the time.

Yeah, this proposal process is not just weird but pathetic. I'm highly against arranged marriages and when it's forced it's a curse not as blessing. Your sister, in a way, is quite right when she told views about men. Actually, it's not about just men but all those in-laws and society.

Haha, its true. But I'm more glad it went peacefully. :)

i like the part where your mom begged for God's forgiveness lol

Yeah totally filmy. :P<br />
They were too much of rich snobs though. Quite a relief.<br />
But the house is so clean now that it looks unfamiliar. Hehe, one advantage at least.

yeah it makes me think bout movies too