Lately, I've been questioning myself; mostly my sexuality.

I think I may be attracted to both males and females. And, ironically, I hate girls; due to their cruelty and evil. (Yes, I am aware that males can be cruel and evil as well but it's mostly females, or at least the ones I've encountered, are.)

My attraction to males was normal; I've had a few crushes and even one boyfriend (although that relationship went down hill real quick and so did my interest in dating.) However, my (one) attraction to (a) female(s) came unexpectedly and quite soon in my childhood/preteen years.

Her name was Kira. I met her in the 6th grade. She was just the cutest being I've ever seen. Even with her excessive chubbiness she was still adorable. Whenever I saw her, I felt…odd. It was almost as if weighed nothing; she made me feel special. I loved her.

So, my question is; What's wrong with me? Am I weird? Bi? Etc? Please read my other posts and judge.
SimplyZero SimplyZero
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014