So....based on my previous entry, I've made my decision.

So that senior of mine will be graduating this April. School will reopen this April. I think there is no chance ever to stay in touch. Should have just accepted his offer to eat pizza with him. OOoohh..So I blew up the chances.

I was thinking about the other guy. That's why. Well, partly...he asked me at the wrong timing. When I've just I'm just being honest and told him that "Er... nahh... sorry...I've just eaten...and am still full...maybe some other time.." Sometimes I'm just TOO honest...and sometimes lil' white lies wouldn't hurt RIGHT?

Well, there is no other time. Haha.. But who knows yea..? If the chance pops up, I am sure to take it this time.

Umm...seriously...there's something about bad boys that keep you coming back for more.

But this time, I'm sick of all this "rebel-emotional" mood. It's really getting on my nerves. Haha. So guy B is already my close heck. I think it's better that way.


Seriously...that cute dude that keep smiling...ok ok...

This third guy is just going to add more complications. I don't know if that third guy is........


For now, I'll just be active in my school camp for the freshies... longer a freshman. Hahas...must say I did pretty well. Was one of the top students for my class tests.

Just can't wait to meet my juniors. Meet more people...

Syaz Syaz
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2007