PS: I Can't Stand You!!

I don't know if I should tell her.

Arrgghh!!! She's getting on my nerves!!!

My goodness..she seriously don't know how to be friends with people.

Honestly, my close friends are beginning to dislike her...and we told her once but there she did it again.


Aarrgghh...everybody has to listen to her...she has to decide things. first I am willing to give in. But now...when I fight back or take my stand, she thought I hate her...

Talking about LOW SELF-ESTEEM!!

Luckily ...the rest of the peeps always backed me up if things got nasty. I may be giving in most of the time but I have my own opinion. This time gerl, I'll take the lead.


You see...even her bestfriend is starting to avoid her. I don't see why she always hang out with the guys claiming that she grew up with guys. Like do I.

She's got TWO other female siblings while I have none. I have THREE brothers instead. And my cousins are all guys except for TWO-one is completely girly and the other highly sensitive.

Back to topic. If she helps, she has to tell everybody she help out. And she's not sincere about helping people. She did it for fame. And she's always making use of people. When we need her help, she said she got some stuff to do even when you're on the verge of crying, she'd just read her book.

Teacher's Pet

She made sure she gets into the good book of every lecturers. Pretentious *****. And she ******* about the lecturers behind their backs..but act so sweetly infront of them.

Yea...and what makes me angry is the fact that the lecturer give her extra attention and all the credits because she has a relative working in the design industry and has worked with my lecturer before.


She's so negative about things. Thinks too much about stuff. And she'd drag others along...making them feel bad about themselves or making them feel guilty.


I can't stand it that she keeps comparing and the extend that you feel that you don't deserve to do well.

This time, I've had it. That's why I'm completely ignoring her. If she's nice, I'll be nice. Otherwise, I don't know her. I don't care whatever she wants to call me. Her friend? Her enemy? I don't care.  


Syaz Syaz
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2007