Finally After So Long

i am happy, i am accepting who i am and who i am becoming, the first time in god knows how long i have finally looked in the mirror and smiled back and meant it showing the one looking in the mirror that for once this isnt a fake smile and this is the real smile and how i actually look, sometimes i wanted to give up and i know that later on that feeling is bound to come back but for now its gone and im happy, i do what i do cause im bettering for myself, i dont do it cause its my last chance, i dont do it cause if i dont this or that will happen, i do this cause this is what i want and what i have chosen to do and i wouldnt take any of it back for a moment, ive lived through the hell and seen the heaven in the clouds and now i walk this path creating my own world and taking my time this time to watch it grow slow and patiently as time will heal all... even the deepest of scars that i bear to watch and feel open and reopen from time to time, but if it wasnt for everything that i have been through then i wouldnt be where i am right now and here i stand half way up my mountain with a backpack full of hear ready to climb the other half, the past is behind me, my present is now and my future is always waiting ahead of me, for now its time to take another deep breath and know its okay

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

I wish you the best of luck on your way. Whatever you find, I hope it's what you deserve which is something great. You're a great guy (at least as far as I can say and my word never means much).