People Are Crazy

late last night just as i was getting home and i was about to get bed i stared getting text from my sister the first one read "i am at 123 fake street"  next was "i am at this guys house with friend and this guy is crazy i am scared i am trying to find a way home"  needles to say i got to work finding her a way home with my cell in one ear calming her down  and the house phone in the the other talking to the friend who just droped me off i get ready to go down my self any way she got out of there and to a store down the road once my friend got her home i hugged her and asked what happened turned out this man just out of jail who her friend was friends with met up with them at a bar once it was closeing time he said he would pay for her cab if the two of them would come home with him to ''hang''  i think he just wanted to have sex with her friend she said no not likeing the way this guy acted he said if you dont get in the cab ill start hitting my head off this brick wall and so he did and she got in once at his house he gave her $5 to get home it costs 3.50 just to sit in the cab and she dosent live down the road she lives accross town his parents soon stared getting up set with him giveing her money case he couldnt afored it this lead to a fist fight between the mans father ofcouse my sister wanted to go but the mom of the family told her  she couldnt go and physicaly tryed to stop her she had to run away leaveing her friend behind who at this point was takeing of her shirt getting ready to go all the way with this crazy guy 

bobnothope bobnothope
18-21, M
Mar 5, 2010