Coat Of Many Pockets

"Why" my mother asks as I walk out the door "are you wearing that huge coat on a sunny day like this?" I then have to explain that everything necessary to life is held within those pockets, and so I cannot venture out without them.

I am quite preoccupied with being prepared for anything - I have a clean handkerchief rapped up pristinely in a plastic bag - in case I ever make a girl cry (which is surprisingly often) and have to offer her one.

I have paperclips, tacks, and clothespins - just in case I'm in a situation where they're needed.

I have lockpicks - you never know - someone might know how to use them!

I have pencils and multiple notebooks - in case they're ever needed

spare reading material, fictional, nonfictional, and every genre possible - in case I have to offer someone waiting with me something to read.

calling cards - with phone, email and address - in case anyone ever wants to get ahold of me.

I have multiple throwing items - from rocks to pine cones - in case I ever have to throw something at someone. . . the list could go on.

in any case I never leave home without my coat. You never know - a freak snow storm could hit! I'll be the only one prepared.
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15 Responses Jul 19, 2010

*sighs* very well - I shan't get oily. . . <br />
<br />
but how about that bath? *sets up romantic candles*

Maybe I should get oily just to get you to do that . . . *begins running bathwater*

I prefer not to be scrubbed. . . though being scrubbed by you in a hot steamy bath doesn't sound too bad. . .

*giggles and cuddles* ok - your not, and neither am I oily ;P *cuddles*

yes - well I assume you weren't a blubber factory twice. . . that would just be sad. :(

F: "Was one when I was very young and bleh." <br />
T: You where a blubber factory when young? Floydess! I never knew you where a whale!

mmm - why not?

are you a whale fan?

*sobs and goes off to take a bath - coming from the whale blubber factory as he is*

you said you didn't like stuff on your lips. . . I figured that includes me too :P

F: "I should never have said that. =P" <br />
P: *giggles* I shall use your words against you for all eternity! Opposites attract, opposites attract, opposites attract.<br />
<br />
F: "That still doesn't change that I do not like lip-balm...."<br />
P: wasn't trying to - just your liking of me on your lips. :)

opposites attract ;)<br />
<br />
*chuckles* what if I do this? *kisses very softly like a feather brushing against your lips*

*sniff sob* you don't like me!?

need some?

in my jeans pocket :P - the one that's little on the right side and easily accessible :)