Must Have...

There are the obvious ones. Money and ID. Drivers license. My cell phone. Makeup and hairbrush. Gum. Keys. Bottled water and some snack crackers. But the one thing I always have with me is a book to read. Have been stuck on the road for hours due to an accident ahead of me. I can always open a book and pass some time until traffic is moving again. And this is sort of funny and I have to add it to my list. Any of you ever been stuck in traffic on some interstate with no rest stop facilities in sight? After a time people start getting out of their vehicles and stretching their legs. Peering around and looking for a large tree to hide behind or bank to walk down. As a woman it is not so easy to answer a call of nature so I always have something with me "just in case". It will be interesting to read others "must haves". D.















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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Lately I have to have certain items with me when I am driving in the car ....<br />
Of course, my cellphone .... <br />
My camera .... never know when that "ah-ha moments" will unfold before my eyes..<br />
<br />
My latest and favorite CD ... BROOKS AND DUNN ... greatest hits<br />
<br />
ADD some makeup, water, comfortable shoes and I am good to go!