Not A Long List!!





5)Hand ki




maskedmenace maskedmenace
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6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Oh..yeah...Extends hands to shake with the paws!! Yep,you are the softest!! Nice meeting you Smugit!!

I am small and soft and furry and easy to love and you have seen lots of others that look like me but they are just wannabees. I have not formally met you yet (extends paw out for shake) Hello I am Smugit it is good to meet you. Now how about that walk?

Oh...sorry!!<br />
9)Smugit!!<br />
<br />
But first who are you man??lol....Sorry we have not met before rite?

I thought you were taking me?

May be in future I will add them to my list!! I cant take baloons to work rite??Oh ofcourse Ninja suit when you are around!!...<br />
<br />
Thanks for commenting kitti because you are the only one now reading my stories I guess!!lol

ahh you forgot your balloons hat....bubble machine ...and your ferrett and your ninja suit!! =-)