water for the walk


blanket for laying around it to rest

toys for the big play

oh and you!
Smugit Smugit
20 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Well it seems we're ready for our walk. Mwaa!

Oh I think softkitti wins smiles and shakes tail TREATS TREATS TREATS time to dance and leave with you SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

*runs in and picks up and cuddles smugit him a pork ear jerky treat ...a big kiss and lets him down * sorry your too adorable

you cant resist treats..

~note to self scoooooch way over here away from the Snake~

just making a grocery crunchy treats..then I will have your undivided attention..

Hey are you combining work ou and fun fun fun, I am likin your strategy there ~smiles at you~ <br />
<br />
Ummmmmm the crunchy ones are hard when needing to be quiet but the chewy ones are not always pretty so let's go with the extra crunchy deluxe ones they have it all. Just hanging out with me again Snakey!

all about the you like the crunchy ones, or the chewy ones better?

Lucky for you I think I got one in the bag that I have..... *tosses frisbee over Smug's head*

smacks paws and hangs head FOR SHAME! wanders away in disgust with self... luckily for me I have no memory skills so SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE oooooooooooohhhhhhh yeah

Frisbee you forgot the Frisbee

Oh almost forgot TendereyesPrincess can't leave home without her!

you found the secret to all pets happiness

Can we have frisbee time and later at night snuggle and watch tv?

follows mewold with stick for a quick game of FETCH later and maybe a walk to mmmmmm.

"Up, up, and awaaaay!

hmmmm scratches head brought ball back but now can't find mewold?? <br />
<br />

HA,HA, do you bring the ball back? lol

oh me likes mewold, my favorite member by far! chases ball and tail happy happy now.

I would pet you all over. lol