Only If I Forget It By Accident!

There are two things that I rarely leave home without and those would be my cell phone and my DEBIT CARD!!

What more could a woman need, well besides maybe a good man and I have one of those but sometimes I do leave him at home.

SuzieA SuzieA
46-50, F
6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

well of course he has one of those stretchy things around his wrist........

And, sweetheart, what do his keys go on? ROFLMFAO funny guy! In his shoe ...ok don't tell me he doesn't wear shoes! Then he needs one that goes on his keys!!!

So where do you think a nudest should carry the card????? Inquireing minds want to

hehe Mewold is right :) and you too! I would go out with no cloths on, but for sure with a good card :) hehehe

I have been known to leave my Clothes at home. lol But only on special occasions.