How Could I Return?

I never leave my home without my keys. Not even to take down the trash or get the mail, I always have a key either pinned to my clothes or in a pocket. It would be horrible to be locked out, then I'd have to break a window just to get back in and then my home wouldn't be secure from thieves.
I don't like that many women's fashions don't have pockets. I don't want to be required to carry a purse everytwhere I go. I want those pockets, men have them in all their pants, I think women should be afforded the same privilege. Since we aren't, I have been known to pin my key either on my clothes somewhere or on my bra.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

That's right butterflydreams it can be costly and very inconvenient. I feel safer with the key. Plus I can lock the door behind me if I choose to walk away from it.

Sounds like you were distracted destiney24.