Kittis Essentials

Hmm okay lets see ,


I dont leave home without my clothes that would be an awkward entrance to work   (Ill never do that again)....

and of course my keys house and car ....

my cells personal and the one connected to my boss (wish I could forget that one.. a day without the sound of my bosses voice would be a godsend )

My bag in which lies the answer to all problems I might face  ...I have everything in there from a tiny screwdriver an extra pair of thigh highs juicy

fruit chewing gum (actually I dont know why I have the screwdriver ...hmmm takes screwdriver tosses it over shoulder)

And of course my smile..ahh yes ...this little smile has gotten me around deadlines ...gotten me out of parking tickets ...gotten me free coffee when I forgot my wallet....


Yep thats my list it and weep....Dammit I may need that screwdriver ....*picks up screwdriver and puts it back in bag*

softkitti softkitti
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8 Responses Mar 10, 2010

This is too cute...and funny...........I could just imagine every single thing you did in this story...and it is so YoU! .......and the comments.......hehe...that's Kitti power for ya! ......*hugs*<br />
<br />
*Sylph ducks down as Kitti swung her leg with that ninja flying kick her stilettos!* .....more afraid of those stilettos than the kick........whew! ;)

*breathes a sigh of relief* whew!'re my hero, pink screwdrivers and a pair of thigh high stilettos.....what the heck?! *shrugs*

yaaaa yyyyyeeeee *kitti lauches herself in ninja flyning kick* ..stay behind me scribs I got this ..*knocks out the zombies with nothing else but two pink screwdrivers and a pair of thigh high stilletos.....=-)

God two screw drivers!!!! *lifts my hands up* I surrender....i didn't know you were fully loaded,Sweetie....look zombies!! *hides behind kitti scared*

*kitti takes out 2nd screwdriver from bag and runs towards zombies trying to fight them off by one *...lolol I think scribs I need more than one little screwdriver for these zom bies *shakes head*...weird no?*giggles*

Yep Screw driver....just in case you know...the zombies attack or the aliens invade,MM... right kitti?..*teases kitti*

*giggles, runs to MM with screwdriver * here darling fix your bike so you can be safe darling, ...ah yes my smiles and my giggle has gotten me out of ALOT of problems should try it darling when your faced with problems show people dimples and you will be saved .=-)

Screw driver???I need one badly for my bike...I was searching for it yesterday all over the room....I cant find...damm,..<br />
Your smile comes to your rescue many times rite??