There are going to be some stories I read that I don't like. If I just don't like the way it is written, but the content is good, I will leave a comment on the content, and leave my opinion about the writing style alone.

If I disagree with the opinion expressed in the story, I might leave a comment telling them what my opinion is, but I won't disrespect theirs. It is okay to disagree, respectful when doing so. There is no need for rudeness..............ever.

I try to be positive, (even when disagreeing) or I don't comment. To go to a person's story and tell them, they shouldn't have written it, is rude.

DISCLAIMER................I am not talking about the kind of stories that are forbidden subjects on the forum.They should be flagged and removed.

When I see a story I simply don't like, I leave it alone. I don't think I have the right to tell anyone they shouldn't have written this because I disagree with it. I don't leave a negative comment, I just don't leave any comment, if I can't find a way to say what I think without being rude about it, I prefer to say nothing.

Now to the reason for this story:

The other day, I noticed I was running out of tokens for sending gifts and cards to my friends, so I started joining groups at random, as I'm sure a lot of people must, (I see some of you with thousands of groups)

One of the groups I joined was *I AM SHY* Well, I'm not, but rather than leave the group (and lose the points) I wrote *hahaha............not*

Someone took offense to this. She left a negative comment telling me I shouldn't have written it. Why? Who did I harm by saying I was just kidding?
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dear read my first story.

Okay, I read it. I don't understand what it has to do with this story of mine.

Woww, this is unbelievable, that you wrote this story at the same time I asked a question on the same topic. You know I very rarely ask questions I usually answer them. I like your story very much. It is a great answer to my question but too long to put on Q and A. We did have a bit of telepathy, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your stories. The style of writing is also good and grammatically correct.

Thanks Janife. I am like you. I don't ask a lot of questions; I prefer answering them, but when I do ask a question, it is usually because I am seeking information, or am really interested in the opinions of the people, on the subject I am thinking about. I never just ask a question, for the sake of asking questions. Thanks for your compliments. They are appreciated.