No One Would Care

I stopped Showing the real me. Along time ago. When I show people who I am. I get walked all over. So To hell with being sweet and Loving and Caring. Why does it matter when Noone cares Who I am any way. Show people the worst and Expect no greater!

I have become cold and bitter I guess It's the New Me...

CountryAngel CountryAngel
1 Response Dec 17, 2008

I know I may be younger than you but ill still give it a shot. The other day I encountered a near death experience trying to save someone from being mugged. I had wanted to die by the hands of the mugger and atleast been able to say my life was worth something, but now that i think of it, I did it because I wanted to, I wanted to show who I was deep down. Even though the man being mugged didnt even thank me and ran away, I knew i did something good.People may think you are crazy or stupid, but who cares.They are stupid for thinking that loving and caring is dumb. Why give into them and become bitter like them for not caring and loving. Saying you will find someone who will be like you wont help. I know from experience. But what will really help is showing your true colours, it will make you feel better. I was lost at one point of my life too, hell i still am, but i try my best despite my socail anxiety to try and be who i really am. I dont know what people at school think of me. They block me from twitter and what not, and i really dont know why. What im gona do is approach them and ask them why,not so i can befriend them but because I want to improve myself. I hope these words reach your heart and soul. Because even though i dont know you, I love you