It Seems Like Even The Most Honest People Are Total Liars. Everybody Lies.

I am honest to a fault and it ****** everybody off. I don't do the right song and dance, make the right facial expression? Who screws up their face just to get a reaction every 5 minutes? Not me.
I don't give a **** what anybody thinks, not my mother in law, especially not her husband. Not any of my fiance's family for that matter as they are all delusional and bland.
School. **** em. Work-my territory. Social expectations? I don't notice them. I am direct and genuine and value quality, not cheapness and small talk. I have very few friends but the ones I like are SPECIAL and if you ask me to lie to you or validate your miserable state I will not.

If a situation is flawed, I will say it. If I am sensitive to a noisy restaurant, I will announce it. If you tell me you are short and fat I will agree with you.
People who are trained to lie are everywhere, and they are easily integrated into society as normal, two faced cows. Anyone who deviates from this is considered psychotic and rude.

If you make eye contact with a person the wrong way you are rude. If you do not hang around people/relatives who are abusive you are not being a team player.

Part of being honest is being true to yourself.

amethystascension amethystascension
22-25, F
Oct 23, 2010