My Alcoholic Family.

I'm not gonna lie, I've drank before. In fact, I even started to become addicted to it and I actually CRAVED it. Finally I realized I was becoming what I always told myself I'd never be. I drank too much and in one night, chipped a tooth, lost my newly pierced eyebrow ring (Hole closed up) and worst of all, cheated on my boyfriend. I haven't drank since.

Anyway, since I can remember, my father and step-mom would drink. All. The. Freaking. Time. I would even come home from school to find my Step mother drunk off wine, or whatever nasty crap she'd drink. Since I was little, I'd see them fighting, drunk stupid fighting. The worst fight I remember was when I was little, maybe like 6 or 7. I was trying to sleep and my Father was fighting my Pop pop (My favorite person in the world) My Dad was drunk and he hit him and he ended up laying on the floor crying. I hated my Dad for that. So f*cking much. I hate what alcohol has done to me and the people I love around me, I hate what it does to people. I hate it. It's ruined my life. After my Pop pop died, a month or so later my Step-mom left my dad. He then stopped going to work and did nothing but drink all day and into the night and our house got foreclosed. My step-mom was the only "Mother figure" I really had, from when I was 4 to 17. she didn't even say bye when she left, and we don't talk now. I hate how things turn out. Now I live with my friend, and I don't have to be around that mess anymore.
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I don't live with them anymore, but yeah. They still have problems.

so are you still living with the family? they still practicing drinking problems?

:) Thank you. <3 I'll message you and thank you again :D Haha

Well, first and foremost it's good to hear you've learned from the past and are committed to not making the same mistakes over again and that you also accept responsibility for the things you did. I'm sorry you found yourself growing up in that atmosphere and that you had to see certain things. I'm not big on alcohol myself. My first and only drink was when I was 3. My dad left his beer can unattended and I took certain liberties, hehe. I can't stand the smell of it these days. He used to drink harder stuff but as he's gotten older he's just down to wine and the occasional beer. It never managed to got out of hand though. Anyway, I hope you don't beat yourself up much about the things done in the past like Skitz said allow them to prevent you from moving ahead but I do believe that you are a better person than a lot of others for acknowledging mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions and I believe that you will overcome. Peace. :)

wow I am so sorry to hear of that trauma.<br />
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People are pathetic, i hope that you can learn to not let your past stop you emotionally from progressing in your future life. However overcoming those types of situations is never going to be easy, or even possible.

You have nothing to say you're sorry for. It's good that you do not blame the alcohol on anything, even though it can be an accessory. It's also good that you've learned things from experience. Wish you the best !

Yeah, it's a huge problem. You can still effect people even if you don't have kids. I found out the hard way. I've hurt friends and my boyfriend. I'm not going to blame it 100% on the alcohol though, I'll take responsibility for everything I've said and done. I'm just happy I learned from my mistakes. It's hard growing up with that, I'm sorry. : /

Damn.. Well done, to share something like that. Can't imagine how hard that must've been. It's one thing to drink if no one else is affected by it, but when you have kids, you need to get in line. I don't think that adults realize what their drinking lifestyle does to their children.<br />
I am pretty much a (functioning) alcoholic, but luckily I do not have children and my behavior has no effect on anyone other than myself. My dad is/was a drunk, not too sure what the status is nowadays. His dad was a hardcore vodka man. My mom's parents were huge drinkers, too. Guess it's genetic. <br />
It's a good thing that you are able to abstain from this. Craving alcohol is no fun. I can go maybe 10-15 days without alcohol, and I'm antsy all the time..