We has human are curious and like to experiment.  Whether we admit it or not, many did try it or are bound to.  We do need using lots of lube and be relaxed when performing anal.  I personally tried it once and did not like it, it is very painful.  For now, I'll keep my rear end an exit part only, hehe.  Having or liking anal isn't wrong, it is just not for me. 

* This is freaky, cause when someone performs anal it is painful and what is even more freaky is that one day, my hubby took a shower and then I went to shower and when I was done, I was in front of the mirror, fixing myself, my hubby comes behind me, hugging and feeling me, yum yum and while he was having fun, he got a hard on and his penis went in my little tiny hole just like that without pain, no lube, no nothing.  I'm thinking maybe cause we were both still wet and moist from the shower and the washroom was steamed.  We were both stunt and laughed.  Wooo hoooo. 
Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
36-40, F
Aug 2, 2010