No Thanks...

I'm very open sexually, but one thing that I hate and will never do again is anal.
Tried it once, and it hurt. Yeah yeah, I know 'I have to get use to it first' Well I don't care how use to it other people are, to me, that area is an exist only, ok? Not an entrance. lol
SmexiKay SmexiKay
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As a guy entering the woman, I think it's more about the feeling of doing something naughty than an actual change in pleasure. I've done it twice with a former teacher from HS (of which I will soon share my story), but it didn't feel much different. The excitement was that she made herself more vulnerable or even submissive with letting me do that. I guess it isn't for everyone.


I can go with exit only, just don't install those spikes they put at rental car places that don't let you back up.

The wife is with you on that one.., and I'm ok with it. It hhas to feel good and be a turn on for both of you or whats the point.

If it didn't work for you that time it probably won't work again. You can always change your mind, or not.

no big deal ... you just do what you're happy with.

Some like some don't no big deal either way