I Dont Understand

i dont understand why people like this, it seems like such an act of humilation. it just stands against everything i believe to be beautiful and joyous about sex maybe for others but not something i could ever believe in

Donalh Donalh
22-25, M
2 Responses Apr 15, 2008

Not if you use loads and loads of lubricant and take it really slow and relax. It doesn't hurt. I like it because it is so taboo and because it is so very private and intense, it makes it special. In these days of more relaxed sexual morals there isn't much left to give to the man who you love. If I'd of known what I know now about love I would of waited until marriage for any sex but I didn't, so for me anal sex is a gift to my husband and he knows that no other man has been there. I know this group is about not liking anal sex but I thought I'd just put my point across. Each to your own you know :o)

and it hurts....