Unless Im Expecting You...

Rarely do I answer the door if im not expecting anyone to come round. After all, I am paranoid that there are people after me,lol! I expect people to ring or text me if they want to come round. People have actually turned up at my place, knocked and I havn't answered and they said later, 'Oh, I popped over to see you the other day' and I will usually say something like, 'I was probably out or had taken a nap. With people I know pretty well enough to trust, I politely tell them I don't answer the door unless they ring me first. I'm far too insecure and suspicious to answer the door to potential strangers epecially when you live alone.


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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

lol... cute pic! i feel the same. i have joined this experience and the other one about not answering my telephone when i don't want to. in today's world of ever-advancing technology, it seems our privacy is the price we're paying. i don't even own a cellphone because those things give me the creeps.

Thats my neighbour, Terrance, thankyou for understanding my predicament.

from the pic you have I wouldn't answer either

Wow! I too will not answer the door unless I know who it is and I want to speak to them at that time. I will sit in the house and listen to people knock and knock and knock and ignore it. I also do not answer the telephone unless I see who it is on caller ID and I feel like talking at that time. And, If they can't leave a message, why in the hell would I want to call them back.? I don't think I'm paranoid, but I just don't always feel like visiting -- even if it's a person I like -- it's nothing personal. Why people feel obligated to answer their door or their telephone is beyond me.