He Has A Satanic Beard

I have listened to some of his so called theories and tried some of it myself praying to god something would finally work in my life. 

I had had life a hundred times trying to get that job, to get a nice boyfriend and to win at life

I gullibly tried it all. 

but my point is with this guy is there is a hundreds apon millions of guys like him and they have nothing great to offer people other than a mass hysteria

and they are like the new gods of an era where people have forgotten the bible or genuine care for each other over money.

I didn't like Anthonys concepts of abused girls going from guy to guy it they found a pick up... it was too "hooker" to me

and most of these theories are setting ugly virgins up to be raped and its all in a gang set up of masculinism where people place more focus on the driven determination to a goal of picking up someone anyone !!! or getting  a job any job theory that would gain them better status and opportunity.  IT IS ALL MYTHS AND BS...

10 years on from the whole experience I am worse off with no money, no education, health problems everywhere.... having been date raped and bashed, accused of all kinds of things in an effort to find  a life.... that has led to a dead end.

I just don't like what the guy is selling to young people out there ... especially women when it comes to sexual health ... I think he has it all wrong!

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1 Response May 23, 2012

I don't like Dr Phil also I think these people are frauds and full of BS to be honest. Dr Phil and Anthony Robbins are out of date with the new world of young people ...