I Don't Like Taking Them But I Have To At The Moment

if you could see how bad my rash is over my shoulders, arms, and thighs at the moment ... its a disgrace.  I look like a 3rd world kid in some run down hospital in africa with marks over my skin. 

I have to console myself that hopefully these will cut down some infection... but I am getting bad nausea from them.

and I still have another 2 weeks to go of them.

I have had a lot of skin allergies all my life.  from boils, to school sores, sandfly bites, measles and chicken pox, german measles, as a kid and hives, itching in westly winds and heat rashes in summer... reactions to soaps, oils, fragrance, cosmetics, its so embarrassing to have to admit 

even shingles ...

and vaginal and other issues with skin.

I have to put salvon dressings on and use peroxide as well, and other medications.... I have to be careful of types of cleaning products I use also...

bleech is one of the worst for causing an allergic skin condition and fabric softners are often the big cause of itches and vaginal conditons like vaginal lichen sclerosus  but I am also concern about stds etc...

the results have shown nothing so far with all tests ... I keep having them done every few months just incase.

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36-40, F
May 24, 2012