That Perfume Makes You Stink

I have this thing against cologne and perfumes. I think most of them stink and it’s a real turn off. Seriously, who wants to kiss someone’s neck and get a mouth full of rubbing alcohol? It kind of ruins the moment. Not only that, but a person’s natural scent is much more sexy. I don’t mean I want someone all stinky with Body odor.  That clean smell that is acquired through soap works just fine for me.


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7 Responses May 15, 2012

Yeah, disgusting. I sometimes hold my breath when people walk by in the opposite direction because I feel so sick if I happen to be able to smell their "artificial scent" in the air. I do it as often as possible, even if I don't know that a person is wearing any, because I don't want to risk being surprised by it.

I think the judicious use of a fragrance is fine. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know the meaning of the word "judicious". There are some women at work who wear so much perfume that I litterally need to hold my breath when I pass by them in the hall. Even after they've already passed by, the "perfume nebula" lingers...

I don't dislike perfumes, worn in moderation anyway, but usually it doesn't do anything for me. I also think that women are more sensitive to smells than men so I can understand you being so sensitive as to make you ill.

My wife and I were stopped at an airport duty free store about 3 years ago. We were simply browsing, killing time before the flight. The guy insisted that he had a super duper sale on cologne.<br />
<br />
Lord knows, I can't remember the names of the stuff we bought.<br />
<br />
3 years later, each bottle is about half full.<br />
<br />
We use it... only on special occasions.<br />
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Any perfume or cologne, immediately after application is terrible. But, when lightly applied... worn for hours... that smell... can add to an experience. Good perfumes will mix with our own natural odors to create something mildly intoxicating. (at least for me) Generally, the nights we are alone after having applied cologne earlier in the day are the most memorable...

I agree.... there should NEVER be enough where it can be tasted (although, nothing is worse than the taste of anti-perspirant)

I like a few scents.. used very sparingly when I go out....nothing too heavy or "reeky" I don't like being cornered with someone, male or female who is drenched in the stuff either. I do like incense and some scented candles tho. So I am only a "part way" naturalist with this... :)

I know what you mean in "tasting" it....Yuck..yuck and DOUBLE yuck!! That grosses me right out!

Nothing quite like the smell of a squeaky clean female.

I never have really been able to stand any perfume or cologne. I tend to wear things like unscented deodorant because I don't like the odors that are put off by the scented stuff. I have long avoided cologne cause I just can't stand it on me. I do like the soft subtle scents on women that are more natural.