Totally Fab?

People always think it's weird that I don't wear cologne.  As a gay man, I guess I'm expected to be like "Oh yes, I got this Chanel Lacoste Hilfiger cologne at the Dilliards.  Totally fab!"  I think I'm too much of a hippie, I dunno.  Usually I just smell like my deodorant which is scented with natural lavender oil :D

Artificial smells are so creepy to me.  Like that's not supposed to be going up my nose!!!  Ya know?  Eeegh.

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1 Response Jun 25, 2008

Air fresheners, fabric conditioners, yuk, I hate them, no wonder the number of asthma suffers is on the increase, these are not natural but harsh invasive chemicals. <br />
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Nothing smells better than freshly laundred sheets that have been dried in the open air.<br />
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Jack<br />
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PS: I got here on a random jump to enter a comment, thanks for the post, I'm glad I'm not the only one