I Help Other When I Need Help Myself

I help all my friends the best I can but the thing is... Im not OK.. Im not very happy and its hard because while balancing their problems i have to balance my sh!t too. I know i shouldnt help other people to but I cant not help my friends when they need help!! But juggling their problems and mine is really hard and I know i shouldnt because it only puts more stress on me and makes life harder.
But i will always help my friends when they need help.will push my problems away for theirs... even if it makes mine worse..
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Sadly I do that too :( I guess it's kinda my way of dealing with it so I get my thoughts or problems out of the way.

if you help them forced, then don't. the cause of your stress outside your own problems isn't really because of their problems but because your 'because they're my friends i need to help them' thing. doing something with cause of forced will burden you and cause you stress. it'll be better if you share your problems too to them so you can help each other, or help yourself first until you think you can help another willingly.

I know exactly what you mean. I'm always helping my other friends out with their petty boy problems and daily dramas and "problems" that they have at school, but when it comes to deep issues it seems like they aren't there for me, they'll listen but I can tell they genuinely don't care and would rather talk about something else which is why EP is such a release for me--it's funny how strangers care more than your "friends." So please, if you ever want to talk about anything you can always message me.

thats y your such an amazing person... but u deserve to be happy :)

Thnk you Hazzy. I'm always here for anyone no matter what my problems are!!