They Get On My Mean Nerves

And I can be very mean to them. The more they try to get attention, the more I will ignore them :)

I used to work with one and it seemed as if she would do just about anything, say just about anything to get attention. With us girls, she would talk about the things she just bought, the movie she just watched, any thing she just did and making it as if she was the first one to ever do such things. I, being mean and contradictory, paid no attention whatsoever ^___^

She would pepper her speech with sexual innuendos, draw attention to just about any part of her body.. anytime, any place.

It's fun doing that occassionally, sure, to flirt or to tease a guy. But every single time, every single day and every single guy?


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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

LOL, yeah. That, too. And the amazing thing is they have absolutely no shame in wanting it all about them. 8th wonders of the world.<br />
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And impatiently saying, "Can we focus on me?" when people are still talking? So OK., we live in the era of being straightforward but some people just take it to the whole new level.

I used to have a friend like that as a teen. One day a couple of guys were making comments loud enough to be heard. Yes, they commented alot about the friend, but one guy took notice of me, and commented. However, when my friend was relating the story later to other girls, she made it sound like the fellers were all about HER, and conveniently forgot that the last thing said was actually concerning me! lol Attentions hoes REALLY get upset if they overhear a guy complimenting ANOTHER gal! :O

I know exactly what you mean. I don't like them because they make me feel bad about myself, I feel like since I am a woman I am like that too. They are disgrace to all women.