Im a dream for many guys and a headache for jealous girls cause Im incredibly beautiful. Everyday at least 3 new guys ask me out and my old admirers chase me though i reject them. I have never said yes to any guy bevause I believe love comes once and I am waiting for it. Many different types of guy have been in love with me: bad guys and good guys, virgins and man wh*res, atheosts and religious ones etc. I do believe guys cant love like girls do. If a girl loves the guy she cant notice other guys. Girls are more loyal and emotional. Girls get attached deeply. Guys can leave their girlfriends for anothet girl. Many guys have left their gfs and wives for being wiyh me. But i was never to blame because all I do to guys s reject them and even offend them when they keep on chasing me. I always act snobby arrogant but guys still like me. I dony have freedom. I cant go to public places and feel free because many eyes are on me and guys approach me. Mostly i hate it when old men stare and guys who are with their little kids.
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Aug 17, 2014