Um, I Wasn't Done Yet!

 Yeah so is this what our taxes pay for? automatic sinks, toilets, soap dispensers, and hand-driers? i hate the toilets the most. so i get into the bathroom stall, do my thing, and then i turn around to get the toilet paper(idk y it's just something i do. i dont wipe while squatting). the toilet knows that i am standing, so it thinks that im done putting toilet paper in it. little did it know that i was only just beginning! so everytime i enter an automatic stall, i flush a total of 2 times, but the second time i have to do it manually; i have to press the button on top so the next person who walks in doesnt see my stuff. cuz the toilet knows its still me in there and it will only flush automatically once per trip. and if it flushes while im still in the stall i block my face with my hand(but not touching my face obviously lol) because i get paranoid that the toilet water is splashing everywhere everytime i flush.  i miss being in control! i wanna flush for myself!

1990cupcake 1990cupcake
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

lmfaooo nice