Shhh She Can Hear You ......

Can you help me ? .....I hate being alone with my mind... sometimes it takes over and does the S T R A N G E S T  things.

People think it's me...but it's just cant be... i mean it's me...but where do I go ??

I was out at a friends party had a great buddy called me in the morning to see how sore my head was...I said I felt great....( strange...I smelt like an old sandwich )  anyway

 my dad rang to see if I enjoyed the Limousine Ride...!!  and I said " what Limo Ride ?

he said I called him from a Limo & was having the best time...

and I said " I think I would remember being in a Limo Father...."  < insert panic here >

So I rang my Buddy back up and asked her and she laughed   ..Of Course we were in a limo..   apparently I also had a Kebab with the lot...( so thats what the smell was )  she said I was sooo funny.. she then went on to tell me that before the limo I went to the kebab shop & brought a kebab and when they asked what meat..she said I said EVERYTHING....chicken, beef, lamb, pork, salad, homus, tubulli , BBQ sauce, garlic, chili...etc

WHO IS THIS PERSON ?? Thats not me at all .... 

another time I went to my dad's to feed his dog while he was away & he had some wine in the fridge ( thanks dad ) anyway had a few glasses and was pretty chipper...........anyhoo had to get home the clouds looked fit to burst...locked the door and realized I locked the keys in his house ( good on ya ) anyway I grabbed my son's spider man scooter and away I went.........

The only thing I remember is being soaking wet on my lounge ( how did i get inside ?)

and there was all this food on the table (how did it get there?)

my leg was really sore with a bruise !!!       

( what the f*#k happened ??)

about 3hrs of memory missing...apparently I went to the corner shop & brought dinner...and broke into my house..and had a stack on the scooter....but I don't wasn't me.... I alone with this ??


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2007

i don't know who she is but she sounds like a blast - next time she takes over - have her give me a call!!!