It Misbehaves

no babe you're not! sadly its affected me too! many times.

my mind has a habit to wander and i often find myself thinking strange things or asking strange questions.

walking down the street i find im doing air guitar impressions to my mp3 player.

i talk to people in my head who aren't actually there i even take advice off them, occassionally i argue with them over my point of view.

several times ive woken up with random objects that ive gained the night before in some obscure way.

the most ive blocked out is 3 months when i was 16, 3 solid months! so seriously dont worry, you're normal, well in comparison to some xxx

pixiedust pixiedust
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2007

I usually don't collect things when I sleep but I have some of the most random thoughts. like I was looking at this teadybear the other day who was wearing a sailor suit. I start thinking well thats funny that it has stripes there and hmm I suppose they need to make it different from others. Huh, indeed it would need to be beacause when they fight they would get confused. Yeah, I would make that suit a little more like this or that.... shakes off the random thoughts....