My Loss

I found my soulmate at the age of 47.  I had alreay been in two bad marriages and had given up on the idea of having it all.  But I did finally have it all. We were together only 5 1/2 yrs.  I lost him to cancer. We were wonderful together. Always on the same wave length.  He was the best man I have ever known.  We loved each other equally and completely. We both always put the other one first.  I miss him and have had to struggle to continue without him.

I don't like being alone.  I am only 54 and have so many years ahead without him.  But I can't imagine being with anyone else.  I am just reaching out and searching for something to fill the lonelyness. I have friends and family but they cannot fill the void that has been left by losing my husband.  It is for them that I continue to live..not for myself.  I wish something would happen to change that..if that is even possible.


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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

So sorry for your loss. I lost my husband of 21 years in a car accident. I dont like being alone either. It seems like I have always been with him. Being lonely is no fun. We used to snuggle at the end of each day and talk about the kids, work, etc. I miss that so much.