Worst Party Ever

day me 13, Rachel 13, Harley 13, Bradon 13, Cameron 13, Alex 13 and Max 13 were hanging out at my house.Our parents were out of town so my 16 year old brother Tyler was wachting us.We all sat in my room jokeing around exept my cousin Rachel who was kinda doing heer own thing.All of a sudden my brother came in and told us we need to stay in the room.Because he was having a high school party and he didn't want some lame 8th grader ruining the fun.I told him he just made us more temptade to come out.He said if we didn't stay in the room he'd give us all hanging wedgie's on the coat hook.After about 4 hours we got hungry so I called him he told us to come get some pizza.When we went into the living everyone recognized me from my dancing video on youtube.And asked me to dance I did as soon as did the pin drop I was yanked up by my underware.Tyler had me I saw some of his friend had my friend's by their underware to.They carried us to the coat hook and gave us hanging wedgie's.We were like that the whole party wich lasted like 6 more hour's.Rachel was getting md mostly because her tough pesonalty.She said i'm so getting them back for this.During the party people started grabbing our legs puling us down and bouncing us up.After the party Tyler started punching us.Rachel didn't get hit because every time he came near her she kicked him in his balls.Tyler let us down tied our hands behing our back's and pulled our underware over our head and threw us in my room we were blind because our underware was over our eye's.He said he told us to never disobey him again I spit at him.I probabbly hit him beacause I felt a foot dig into my side.If I wasn't blind I would have puched him in his face.When he falls asleep what should we do I'll choose the best answer.
funnyguy218 funnyguy218
13-15, M
Nov 28, 2012